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Outdoor Soccer

Please refer to the Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer Rules and Regulations under the Documents section. Below are rules specific to the Outdoor soccer league.

Start - End Dates May to September
Days of the Week Fridays to Sundays
Number of Games 18 Games
Types of Fields Primarily Artificial Turf
Game Lengths 1 Hour

Player and Team Registration

1. Players and Teams may register into both the Summer and Outdoor seasons with Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer.

2. Players may register onto a different team than the one they are registered for with Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer Summer Season.

League Cards

1. Players must have a Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer player card.

a. If a player playing in the Summer Indoor season, they must have an Indoor player card.

b. If a player is playing in the Outdoor season, they must have an Outdoor player card.

Fair Play

1. Teams are required to have more than 125 Fair Play Points in a season. If necessary, that number will be prorated based on the number of games in the season.

2. Any team having 125 of fewer Fair Play Points will be accepted into the League for the next season on a conditional basis pending any recommendations from the Discipline Committee.


1. There is a single official assigned to each game.

2. Each team will be required to provide an Assistant Referee for each game.

3. If the official does not show for a game, the missing official is replaced by the Home team. A game must be played.

Co-Ed Specific Outdoor Soccer Rules

1. Outdoor games will align with ASA Laws of Outdoor Soccer, with the following modifications for Co-Ed:

a. Number of Players

i. Outdoor soccer is played 7-on-7 players.

ii. Each team must have a minimum of 5 players on the field at all times.

iii. A minimum of 2 females and 2 males must be on the field at all times. The position of goalkeeper does not count for either gender.

b. Slide Tackles

i. Slide tackles are not allowed and are to be sanctioned with a yellow card.

c. Game Durations

i. Duration of League games shall be 2- 25-minute halves, with a 5-minute rest period between halves.

d. Guest Player Rules

i. Only players registered into the Outdoor season of the Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer league are eligible to guest play on other teams.

ii. Teams are allowed to have up to 4 guest players in a match.

iii. Players may only guest play within their competitive grouping.

1. Competitive players may only play within the competitive grouping.

2. Recreational players may only play within the recreational grouping.

3. If there is only one grouping, players may guest play on any team.

iv. Players may be a guest player an unlimited amount of times over the course of the season.

e. Substitutions

i. Substitutions are on an unlimited basis, and an unlimited number can be substituted at a time. Substitutions shall be made at any stoppage in play, at the referee's discretion.