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Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer
Suite 183 2880 Glenmore Trail SE
Calgary, AB Canada T2C 2E7

We are located in the same parking lot as the Glenmore Inn in a building called the Glenmore Commerce Court. When looking up our address in any mapping system (google, GPS etc) please search the Glenmore Inn. Our address will not take you to the correct location.

Phone: (403) 270-0363
Fax: (403) 270-0573
Office Hours:
- Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
- Friday: 8am to 4pm
- Business Day Before a Long Weekend: Office Closes at 2pm
All funds processed in Candian Dollars
Coed Headlines

Player Registration Begins October 6!

Extended Office Hours Begins October 7! | Click Here for Extended Office Hours

Winter 2014/15 Seeding Round Alignment

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Guest Player / Play-Up Rules

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Slide Tackling Is NOT Allowed

Slide Tackles Are To Be Sanctioned With a Yellow Card

Referee Evaluations

Your Input is Critical | Click Here

Partnership with COWBOYS announced

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Alcohol Policy

Zero Tolerance for Alcohol Consumption at Athletic Parks/Facilities | Click Here for More Info

Summer 2014 League Schedule

There are no upcoming events.

Summer 2014 Division and Fair Play Winners

Congratulations to the following teams for winning the Fair Play Award in their respective divisions:

Austria Ghana
1st Place Fair Play Super Sonic Avengers 1st Place Fair Play Cheato's
2nd Place Fair Play DDSP 2nd Place Fair Play Team Tuna
Division Winner DDSP Division Winner Team Tuna

Belgium Honduras
1st Place Fair Play Ligers 1st Place Fair Play Jimmy Kick-Its
2nd Place Fair Play Blue Steele 2nd Place Fair Play Magnum
Division Winner Ligers Division Winner Monstars

Canada Ireland
1st Place Fair Play Tripods 1st Place Fair Play Purple Cobras
2nd Place Fair Play Skirts and Kilts 2nd Place Fair Play Octosharks
Division Winner U Mad Bro? Division Winner Octosharks

Denmark Japan
1st Place Fair Play Shoot It Straight 1st Place Fair Play Timberhawks 2
2nd Place Fair Play The Other Team 2nd Place Fair Play McKenzie United Gong Show
Division Winner Elegantly Wasted Division Winner Tokidoki
Ecuador Kenya
1st Place Fair Play GBUs 1st Place Fair Play Rabid Salamanders
2nd Place Fair Play
Goalschlager 2nd Place Fair Play Velocity
Division Winner BrickSquad Division Winner Domestic House Cats
Faroe Islands Libya
1st Place Fair Play Onion Baggers 1st Place Fair Play (tie)
Rat Pack
2nd Place Fair Play (tie)
CSC United 1st Place Fair Play (tie) Turbo Turtles
2nd Place Fair Play (tie)
Hornets Division Winner Turbo Turtles
Division Winner Onion Baggers

  • Summer 2014 Final Standings and Fair Play Points Totals

    Posted September 10, 2014
  • 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Ticket Sales

    Posted September 8, 2014
    2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Ticket Sales

    Advance window opens:              Monday, September 8 at 12:00 noon ET / 10:00am EDM
                    Advance window closes:              Wednesday, September 10 at 10:00 ET / 8:00am EDM


  • Viewing Player Statistics

    Posted July 3, 2014

    Teams and Players can view Player Statistics (goals, yellow cards and red cards) by viewing their Team's Schedules on the CUSA website.

    Click Schedules and Standings on the left hand side of the CUSA website.  Select your Division and then click your Team.  The Statistics can be viewed under the Standings.

    The Top 10 goal scorers for the League or Division can be viewed by selecting the Schedules and Standings by League or by Division.


Co-Ed Reminders

Discipline Process

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Count your yellows!

3 yellow cards in 3 separate games and you are suspended 1 game

Dismissed. Now What

Contact CUSA for further information


Boarding in Soccer is punishable by a red card! Click the link for more information |


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