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Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer
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Phone: (403) 270-0363

All Funds are processed in Canadian Dollars

Team Fees

Team Fees

Winter 2018-2019 - Indoor Boarded (20 Games)

Competitive, Intermediate, and Recreational Divisions

Returning from Summer 2018 - $3990.00

New or Winter Only - $4627.50

Winter 2018-2019 - Indoor 8v8 (14 Games)

Played out of the Foothills Fieldhouse

Competitive and Intermediate Divisions

$3,000 + Roster Fees

Roster Fees - This will specifically be the per player fee from Alberta Soccer and Canadian Soccer applied to each individual player. As an individual has the opportunity to register into more then one program area in a season there will be a reconciliation completed up to and including December 15th with the intent to invoice the team for the specific per player fee. Following December 15th players (new or returning) who register in the office will be charged the specific fee applicable. Returning players who register online will not receive the specified fee. Players who were registered in Summer 2018 and/or Winter 2018/19 Boarded will have a $0 player fee. Please email the CUSA office for more information on per-player fees if required.

What is 8v8?

New this year, CUSA is offering an 8v8 boardless program, played out of the Foothills Fieldhouse. Teams are welcome to register in both COED Boarded and 8v8 programs. The Lawes of the Game for 8v8 can be found here

Important points to consider about switching to 8v8 only are;

- This is a Calgary Only program. Competition does not lead to a Provincial championship.

- There are per-player roster fees that each team will be charged in December. In an effort to keep program costs low, players who participate in both Boarded as well as 8v8 will not be required to pay their player insurance fee twice. Players that played Summer and/or Boarded will not be charged a player fee. Players that played Summer but are only playing 8v8 will be $4/player. If you have players in another circumstance, please contact the office for more information on their potential fees.

- There is rough outline of game night rotation between programs available here. This not guarunteed, and access to facilities will dictact game nights for some programs and divisions. While its not exact, it is the targeted rotation and can be useful when trying to plan out what your winter may look like if your team is registered across multiple programs.

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.