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Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer
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Phone: (403) 270-0363

All Funds are processed in Canadian Dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new player, do I need to come into the office to register?

Yes, you do. We need to confirm who you are, and take your picture for your player card. NO EXCEPTIONS!

I am an individual player, do you have any individual teams?

No, we do not have any individual teams. Individual players need to find a team to play on first. Individuals can check out the "Team / Player Postings" page of the COED website or our Facebook page, "Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer" as resources to joining a team.

I have faxed in my registration form, am I registered?

If you have faxed in your registration form as a player returning to the same team you can check to see that you are on your team roster online. Please allow 72 hours from the date you faxed in your form before resending your registration by fax.

Do we need to have an alternate colour in case of a conflict?

Yes, the home team is responsible for changing shirts should there be a conflict.

Our first strip (uniform) must have numbers on it, can we use pinnies for our alternate strip?

Your first uniform must have numbers on the back. Pinnies are accetable for your alternative strip

We have several conflicts arising with our Co-Ed schedule - can we get our games rescheduled?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of sport and availability of resources to support this sport etc, we are unable to reschedule any games as they have been scheduled for the seating round. We have made the accomodation of allowing each team up to 4 guest players that are registered on other teams within Co-Ed. Click HERE for Play Up Rules.

What do we do if the Referee does not show up?

Referee shortages are a real and painful reality for soccer in Calgary. Co-Ed has, as have most organizations, been trying to do their part in adding to the pool of officials by including the costs for clinics in fees or making it madatory to send one representative from each team to a referee clinic. We do not see this issue disappearing in the immediate future.

Follow these steps if the referee for your game does not show up?

1. The game must be played - it will not be rescheduled nor will there be any refunds for the game.

2. Each team must provide one person to "referee" for each half.

3. Each team MUST submit their game sheet to the office to receive their Fair Play Points and score

What steps do I need to take to claim insurance if I get injured?

Anyone registered in Calgary Indoor Co-Ed Rec Soccer is covered by insurance through the Alberta Soccer Association. If you get injured during a game, notice of injury must be submitted within 30 DAYS of the incident. If you are unsure if you will need insurance as a result of your injury, we recommend reporting the injury anyways, to ensure you will have the coverage should you need it.

More informaiton and submission forms can be found on the Alberta Soccer Association website.