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Player Transfers

11.1. Transfers shall not be permitted after the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) deadline of July 31 during a Summer Season or January 31 during a Winter Season. This includes automatic transfers.

11.1.1. When either of these dates occurs outside of a normal business day the transfer deadline for that season will be the close of business on the Friday closest to the 31st.

11.2. A registered player shall not be allowed to transfer his services to any other team unless he has given his written notice of his intent to transfer.

11.4. In the event that a transfer is denied, the team refusing to release the player must provide written documentation, which will include:

11.4.1. Amount owed to the team by the player.

11.4.2. Written statements signed by the player that he was aware of these charges prior to registering with the club.

11.4.3. This signed statement must be given to the Association prior to the proposed transfer application being made.

11.5. A player being refused by his transfer, by his existing team, shall be allowed appeal to the Board without any appeal fee.

11.6. A transfer becomes effective immediately after the 7 days notice period and upon acknowledgement by the Association.

11.7. A player shall be entitled to 2 transfers only, during the current season, but a player once transferred cannot transfer again until 40 days have elapsed.

11.10. A player not in good standings with Co-Ed Soccer or under suspension will not be eligible for transfer.

11.11. No player may be removed from a roster after the transfer deadline.

11.11.1. Should the removed player wish to register with another Co-Ed Soccer team within 30 days of his removal from the first team's roster a transfer must be completed.