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FIFA "My Game is Fair Play" Slogan

FIFA created the "My Game is Fair Play" slogan to promote playing by the rules, being sportsmanlike, and showing respect for referees, teammates, opponents and fans. It is an easy to remember slogan that ALL players should abide by, on and off the field of play.

COED Fair Play Principles

There are growing concerns and complaints, perhaps as a result of a growing membership, that some players are not understanding and promoting the values of fair play and sportsmanship that are the basic tenants of the Co-Ed program.

To address these concerns, as part of the player registration process, players must agree to uphold the values of Fair Play, recognizing that failure to do so may results in disciplinary action.

Any player alleged to have acted in a way that is contrary to the values of Fair Play will be invited to participate in a hearing with the Discipline Committee. The Committee will then assess the behaviors/situation and determine if any further action needs to be taken.

Co-Ed Soccer defines the expectations of Fair Play as:

FAIR PLAY is an attitude that shows itself in behaviour.

Respect for others

Hold your opponents and game officials in high esteem for without them there would be no game


Show fairness, recognize and appreciate excellence in performance and attitude regardless of team affiliation, enjoy the sport for its own sake

Respect for Rules

Demonstrate respect of written and unwritten rules (and the spirit of those rules) by following them


Promote fellowship within the soccer community not just your own team

Team Spirit

Believe in each other

Fair Competition

Be part of a just competition; be as cooperative as you are competitive


Share the sport with others, regardless of creed, ethnicity or ability


Do the 'right' thing, show grace when winning, good humour when losing


Be allies with one another


Acknowledge, accept and respect differences


Maintain self-control at all times, be considerate of others

Playing is a Privilege, Not a Right